Cloud Based Solution To Manage All Residential Rehab Programs.

RehabSpec facilitates project management from application intake through final inspection and closeout. We offer access to this very secure, cloud-based software, compatible with all laptops, desktops, smart devices, and tablets.

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We make it easy to manage housing rehabilitation projects, beginning to end.

RehabSpec Version 4 is a sophisticated housing rehabilitation management system. It speeds up the process of producing construction work write-up reports from days to only a few hours.

We are community development and housing people

For over 30 years, we’ve provided training and technical assistance to HUD grantees, focusing on housing rehabilitation and lead hazard reduction.

Made in Columbus, Ohio

Our team lives, works, and builds right here in Columbus, Ohio. We’re committed to helping communities, like ours, grow stronger.

Built in Diversity

The City of Columbus, Office of Diversity and Inclusion certifies CRTC, LLC as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and we are active in the U.S. Federal Government’s System for Award Management (SAM).

Program Manager

  • Customize software operation to reflect program requirements.
  • Customize user defined milestones to prescribe a time period for each step of the case.
  • Keep projects on track by receiving alerts for cases not meeting defined milestones.
  • Define and manage software access based on user’s role.
  • Gain instant access to fully electronic case files and generate reports by a click of a button.
  • View charts and graphs to manage project status and funds expenditure.
  • Stay on track within budgets using completely customizable Finance section.
  • May pay or send invoices online.
  • Enable internal communication to keep each case on track.

Intake Specialist

  • Gather and evaluate applicant information.
  • Gather and verify documents, forms, and notes to create fully electronic case files.
  • Allow access for applicants and contractors to self-register online.
  • Manage eligibility status of applicants and contractors.

Rehab Specialist/Inspector

  • Document LBP risk assessment and compose detailed work write-ups and cost estimates.
  • Manage projects to keep all parties on track and on schedule.
  • Search for cases by case number, address, or owner’s name.
  • Document case progress with pictures and notes throughout.
  • Issue change orders as appropriate.
  • Document progress and final inspections.
  • Issue punch lists as appropriate.


  • May self-register to become an eligible contractor.
  • May upload certifications, insurance, etc. to remain compliant with jurisdiction’s requirements.
  • Receive online bids and enter submissions when appropriate.
  • Communicate with staff and administration through internal messaging.
  • Submit invoices.
  • Execute documents using electronic signatures.


  • May self-register to apply for housing rehabilitation services.
  • Receive, sign, or upload necessary documentation to allow for stress-free processing.
  • Communicate with program staff through internal messaging.
  • Execute documents using electronic signatures.


RehabSpec allows you to customize functionality throughout its operation by defining dropdown menus to suit your program needs.

Intake Information

The case info section allows you to gather details about the applicant/owner, occupants, and the property. You can upload, store, and organize unlimited forms and documents to validate eligibility and document compliance.

Site Images

Project progress may be documented with pictures throughout all aspects of a rehab project from initial inspection to punch lists and close out.

Inspections, Spec Writing & Estimation

You can document all aspects of a rehab project with photos from initial inspection to punch lists and close out. Create complete job specifications and accurate item-by-item cost estimates.A single screen captures an entire project by building, location, surface, and work item. Specs are customizable using a Word template to have different fonts or colors and may display images as appropriate.

Contractor Management and Online Bidding

RehabSpec allows you to qualify contractors and track continuing eligibility. Program managers may request bids and receive electronic bid submissions. The system facilitates highly customizable electronic bid solicitation, submission, and evaluation. A case may be separated into multiple bids and sent to any number of contractors or contractor groups. Contractors may be grouped by trade or geographically. Addendums may be issued during the bid period and change orders may be issued to awarded jobs.

Financial Management and Invoicing

The Finance section allows you to track the type, the amount, and the duration of each funding source. You can manage your budgets more effectively by tracking expenditure and generating reports. You may also receive and pay invoices.

Forms and Reports

Forms are available to help you stay organized and compliant with each case. E-signature is available to one or more parties for time saving convenience. Reports can be generated throughout the software, allowing you to quickly get the information you need.

Internal Messaging

Internal messaging allows communication between applicants, contractors, and all staff and administrators. Users can communicate in real time to check case status, request signatures, etc. This allows you to stay on track with deadlines.

User Guides

On-screen user guides are accessible from any screen on the software. They explain each functionality of the software in detail.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials walk you through the functionality of the software, step by step.

Live Training

Upon request, CRTC will provide live user training to meet your specific needs.


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